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A-ha Memorial Beach
Album Viewed
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Memorial Beach ( ) 6627
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Between Your Mama And Yourself 550
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Memorial Beach 650
Move to Memphis 588
Between Your Mama And Yourself

(Pal Waaktaar)

Hey listen honey, something you should know
This can't wait
I've been meaning to tell you a long time ago
And today's that day
I'll put it straight
No, it just can't wait
Oh sure, it took a little time
I know that's true
But this business been preying on my mind
Since I met you
The thing is babe,
Between your mama and yourself
Forced to choose and without help
With a margin, you know it's true
The one I love
Well, it's eh...prpbably you
C'mon now, stay a little while
Before you go
This thing, it's been preying on my mind
But even so
This I know
You've got to know
It's got to show
Yeah, I've got to let her go

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