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A-ha Memorial Beach
Album Viewed
Hunting High & Low (1985) 9879
Stay On These Roads (1988) 5871
East Of The Sun West Of The Moon ( ) 7500
Headlines & Deadlines (Hits Of) ( ) 11977
Lifelines ( ) 12575
Memorial Beach ( ) 6626
Minor Earth, Major Sky ( ) 10199
Scoundrel Days ( ) 8427
Lyric Viewed
Angel In The Snow 645
Between Your Mama And Yourself 549
Cold As Stone 630
Dark Is The Night For All 593
How Sweet It Was 595
Lamb To The Slaughter 648
Lie Down In Darkness 616
Locust 630
Memorial Beach 650
Move to Memphis 588

(Pal Waaktaar)

Don't be afaid
It's a harmless moon
All we can do
Is to assume
Our lives must change
A change is due
I hear you say
What are we gonna do
O' weeping night
O' grieving sky
O' rabbit wind
You just flew by
Grant me this
Some small reward
Don't announce
Time of the final call
My dream was this:
Across the sky
A slate-grey cloud
That filled the eye
...a slate-grey cloud...
Comes through the dust--
Dont' be afraid
It's a harmless moon

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