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Anathema An Iliad Of Woes
Album Viewed
An Iliad Of Woes (1990) 1340
All Faith Is Lost (demo) (1991) 2464
The Crestfallen E.P. (1992) 3249
They Die (1992) 750
Serenades (1993) 7434
We Are The Bible (1994) 1380
Pentecost III (1995) 3903
The Silent Enigma (1995) 7333
Eternity (1996) 10133
Alternative 4 (1998) 10524
Judgement (1999) 16514
A Fine Day to Exit (2001) 3474
Resonance (2001) 5610
Resonance 2 (2002) 4437
A Natural Disaster (2003) 4303
Lyric Viewed
The Lord Of Mortal Pestilence 323
Memento Mori 337
In The Name Of The Father 302
Echoes Of Terror 330
The Lord Of Mortal Pestilence

Storm-lord, the Dreaded One
Poison of our worlds
In times of darkness, of death and decay
he grasps dominion all over
His stench hovers as shame
in the house of fraticide

An impressive depravity of a cadaverous epiphany
A profane blasphemy of the darkest atrocity

Welcome me, mortal beings
to a world a cry of fear
Incursions to evil
shattered are your dreams
My breath, a torrid wind
of immortal pestilence
heaves torment, pain and anguish
suffer in your silence

Chaos, no salvation
misery, no redemption
Twisted minds hold the key
Benevolence, I pray for thee

Drowned in fear, shrouded in black
Mourning eternally in a spiritual lethargy

Every beat of his heart
is a death-toll chiming in a mind
As chimes grow stronger
the earth shudders in his wake
His final lament is a
requiem to the Gods of Darkness
All deep contempt is a
blasphemous sacrilege to his name

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